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Palm Beach Gardens hotels

Palm Beach Gardens, FL hotels close to North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport offer guests the convenience of easy travel and access to other tourist cities in Florida. Hotels in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida will never leave guests with a dull moment because of the large amount of popular attractions and activities to enjoy in Palm Beach Gardens. With so many hotels in Palm Beach Gardens near or on golf courses in Palm Beach Gardens the golfer in the family is sure to be pleased. Guests lodging in Palm Beach Gardens, FL can enjoy a huge variety of outdoor activities in Palm Beach Gardens like visiting Jonothan Dickinson State Park to participate in water activities, sightsee, and hike, or visit the PGA National Resort and Spa. When booking a Palm Beach Gardens motel, guests can easily access information about educational tours, and area attractions. At night, travelers can enjoy the variety of local restaurants in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, or stay in the Palm Beach Gardens hotel and order room service from the comfort of their bed.