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Erlanger hotels

Tired of passing cold, unhappy faces at home? Then make a reservation in an Erlanger, KY hotel and stay in the Friendship City. You'll find plenty of fun and relaxation around some of the friendliest places around at your Erlanger hotel. Hotels in Erlanger are near the Silverlake Family Waterpark where you can splash the day and all your worries away. Once you've relaxed in the cool water you can meander back to your Erlanger hotel and get refreshed for dinner at a gourmet bistro before going to any of the abundant music and comedy clubs in Erlanger. Wake up rejuvenated at your Erlanger hotel and enjoy a day of culture as you wander the exhibits of the art and historical museums and then take a break for lunch at a Cincinnati style chili parlor but if "style" isn't enough you can always go for lunch at an actual Cincinnati Chili parlor as Erlanger hotels offer easy access to Cincinnati and Louisville. No matter your taste you'll find something to suit when you book accommodations at an Erlanger, KY hotel.