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Guests staying in the hotels in Chillicothe, Ohio are sure to have a wonderful vacation. The hotels in Chillicothe, OH are right around the corner from some great dining and shopping experiences as well as several wonderful entertainment venues and special historical tours. The guests staying in the hotels in Chillicothe should definitely mark down some places on their itinerary to visit, and mark them down in pen. The first, if you are in the area in the appropriate time of the year i.e. September-October, is the History Mystery Ghost Walk Tour. This tour is a guided walk through the town and the areas surrounding the Chillicothe hotels where the tour guide relays some of Chillicothe's more spooky tales and creepy urban legends. Also be sure to visit the Majestic Theatre for riveting live performances, and the Pump House Center for the Arts. Enjoy your stay in Chillicothe, Ohio.