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Guests of Milan OH hotels will find no shortage of history to admire as the famed American inventor Thomas Edison was born here, and his legacy still resonates among its streets.  The town was founded with the building of a flourmill and sawmill by Ebenezzer Mary, at which time it was called Merry's Mill. Milan hotels and motels are a starting point for visitors to begin exploring the history of the city itself. At one point in time, Milan's strategic position on Lake Erie turned the small town into a trading powerhouse, exporting huge volumes of wheat. The town also was the home of many shipbuilders, and for wagon trains heading west that needed a staging ground for the long cross country journey. Milan's location may not be highly prized by shipbuilders anymore, but it still is in a great spot for travelers – Detroit, Cleveland, Akron, Pittsburgh, and Toledo are just a few hours away. The Milan Historical Museum is host to many artifacts and stories of the city's various eras of industrial progress. History is not the only thing that guests of hotels in Milan can enjoy, as there are several festivals and events that take place throughout the year. The MidSummer Antiques Fest and the Milan Melon Festival are just two that delight travelers every year.