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Visitors to the hotels in Sidney, Ohio are going to be pleasantly surprised with what they find when they reach their destination. Activities and attractions to suit travelers of all ages and temperaments await the guests who book their affordable rooms in the Sidney hotels. The only the that the guests staying in the hotels in Sidney, OH need to worry about, is getting all of the things done that there are to do. Several outdoor activities and experiences are located nearby or next to the hotels in Sidney. Attractions like Tawawa Civic Park where visitors can tour the park, by bike or by foot, play a game of Frisbee or get together with a bunch of people and play a game of football, or simply lie out under the sun and enjoy a nice afternoon. The Great Miami River and Lake Loramie State Park are both places to experience water recreation. Come join in on the fun and be sure to take lots of pictures to remember the great time you had in Sidney, Ohio.