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The leaves are changing colors, the days are growing shorter and the air is beginning to cool off and the guests of the hotels in Clemson, South Carolina are gearing up for the first game of the season. And whether they are there to see their team play the Clemson tigers or are fans of the tigers themselves, the guests of the hotels in Clemson, SC are usually ready for some football or athletics of some kind. While waiting between games, there are plenty of things to keep a person busy in Clemson. Most of the activities are historical in nature and are pertinent to the area but are interesting nonetheless. The guests of Clemson hotels have the option to visit several area houses and see their architecture and structure. One house in particular of the famous South Carolina statesman, John C. Calhoun who served as a Secretary of State, Secretary of War and also Vice President at one time. Clemson, South Carolina is a college town with renowned sports teams and history to offer those in town to visit.